Performs chimney calculations according to German and European norms
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aladin is a software for the calculation of chimneys according to German and European norms. With this program you can calculate a triple-layer house chimney for an oil-fired boiler as simply and safely as a complex boiler plant which is independent from room air and consists of five condensing boilers in a cascade system.

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  • Question: I would like to know if in Aladin, you take into account the 2nd version of the EN 13384 and specially the Pzmax of the generator?

    The Aladin application is compatible with the EN 13384 regulation, and there is actually a page set up to provide information about it, but I don't see if the EN13384 the second version or not. Access the page to read about the EN13384 regulation, then use the contact form to get in touch with the developer.

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